Paying it Forward
A Lifetime of Service
Brent and Diane Slay

At Drake, our passion is what drives us. Our excellence is what defines us. Our opportunities are what empower us. Our connections are what illuminate us. And our leadership is what carries the Drake name out into the world.

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Thank You

Your recent gifts to distinctlyDrake have enabled us to further our vision of being recognized as one of the very best higher education institutions in the United States. Thanks to you and all of our generous alumni and friends, we are quickly realizing our aspirations for Drake University and its students.

Sue Wright

W. Andrew and Elaine Wright (Andrew, BN'69; Elaine, ED'69)

Clayton Wood

Sheila A. Wolfe (JO'52)

F. A. Wittern Jr. and Carolyn Wittern

Windsor Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Wilson (Jerry, BN'70)

Jeffrey Williams (GR'77)

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